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Personal Trainer

A personal and a certified trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals without injuries and wasted time.

Benefits Of Hiring Personal EMS Trainers

20 minutes with X FIT equals more than 3 hours in a gym!
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  • Help You To Set Realistic Goals
  • Deliver You With Maximum Result
  • Work An Unofficial Therapist
  • Provide You With Personalized Training Plan
  • Give You Emotional & Motivational Support
  • Hold You Accountable
Xfit - Certified Trainers Karim Darwish
Karim Darwish
Personal Trainer - XFIT

Body Building & Fat Loss and Group Training

Certified American ISSA in sports nutrition & personal training and fitness training Certified in personal training -reps-level

I have handled more than 80 clients per month with high success rates and have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. Being a professional EMS trainer, I can help you look, feel and perform better than you ever imagined. My focus is to motivate, inspire and encourage you along the way,  reach and even surpass your goals. Being, American ISSA Sports Nutrition Certified, I have extensive experience in creating result-driven nutrition and diet plans that will help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

This is the first step to a new you. Be strong, slim, fit, younger and smart!

- - Proven FITNESS RESULTS - -
  • body fat & cellulite loss
  • increase overall strength
  • increase Endurance
  • from Muscles are working
  • of users had no more back pain
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