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Combine EMS With Conventional
Training Techniques

20 minutes with X FIT equals more than 3 hours in a gym!
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  • Technology & Quality Control

    All our equipment undergoes a quality inspection during the production stage, to provide you with the safest and most efficient training.

  • Quality Research

    With our carefully crafted training routines, our highly certified personal trainers will ensure you get the most from your training , basing on your fitness goals.

  • Trainers

    X-fit provides you with one dedicated certified trainer permanently who will assist you in your training and follow up on your diet.

When rigorous exercising, the messages from the brain by electrical impulses are sent to the muscle’s motor control through the nerve tract. X-Fit provides electrical stimulation to the muscles causing them to contract and relax the same way they do while exercising.

X-Fit has been around for a long time and is based on years of research and development work. Several distinct impulses are implemented in areas of therapy, cosmetology and recreation. Voltaic currents, certain kinds of stimulus are diverse waveforms that are suitable to cause certain affects. Without any unwanted side effects, with proper use, they contribute to the muscles and recreation of the connective tissues, growth and prevention of thrombosis.

The history of the muscles’ electric stimulation dates back to Luigi Galvani’s experiment, 1791. The X-fit devices have been refined on the basis of detailed research. The device includes a special suit armed with 10 electrode pairs and modern voltage along with frequency control panel that regulates the process of treatment. The dress is made with breathable material that enables freedom in exercise and sustains the electrode cables on the right muscle group perfectly.

#Workoutin GYM Without Weight

- - Proven FITNESS RESULTS - -
  • body fat & cellulite loss
  • increase overall strength
  • increase Endurance
  • from Muscles are working
  • of users had no more back pain
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