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Why XFit

Deliver Customized EMS Training + TRX + Wrestling in 20 minutes That Burn Up to 3000 Calories Per Session

Xfit is the fitness center located in Dubai, is delivering bespoke EMS Training sessions along with TRX workout and wrestling. We have a team of certified EMS trainers and fitness experts, who are dedicated to serving you with an impeccable and result-driven training session that can help you to achieve your desired fitness goals. Along with training assistance, our trainers can follow up on your diet as well.

At, Xfit, Dubai, We provide you with :
  • Full Body Suit
  • Hungarian technology-based EMS Machines
  • TRX machine for TRX workout
  • Cycling workout
  • Privacy for ladies
Why We Are Different From Others

With Xfit, you are actually working 95% from your muscles, compared to the gym where the muscle is working just 30%

Xfit - World’s Leading EMS Training Across Dubai

  • Trainers personally assist you with result-driven training as per your body needs
  • Xfit provide actual EMS workout, actual cardiovascular workout, and weight training
  • Use Hungarian customized EMS machine that delivers you with actual pulls
  • Private setup for ladies, separate room is available for ladies
  • Our EMS training can burn up to 3000 calories per session
  • Our EMS equipment undergoes a quality inspection
  • We provide you with the safest and most efficient training
  • Have a team of certified personal EMS trainers

Why Choose Xfit Over Other Training Centers

  • Training Hours
  • Calories Burnt
  • Expected Visible Results
Xfit's EMS Training
  • 20 Minutes (Twice a Week)
  • Burn up to 3000 calories per session
  • Average 4 training sessions
Other Training Centers
  • 90 Minutes (Daily)
  • Burn up to 300 calories per session
  • 25-30 training sessions
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